Transforming Leaders from Overwhelmed to Outstanding in 6 weeks!

We're Solving Your Leadership Challenges:

Learn how to Lead with Confidence!
How to Communicate so others Listen!
How to Create Accountability and Ownership.
Say goodbye to Difficult Conversations.
Improve your Wellbeing and Work-Life balance.

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The Modern Workplace Demands
Highly Capable People Leaders at Every Level!

Participants immediately learn how to apply the the skills they need to succeed!


Learn the 4 core Elements of Empathy and how to become an Empathic Leader.


Learn how to Inspire, Engage and Influence others and to have an impact.

Decision Making

Discover how to Lead with Clarity and Purpose and make better Decisions.

Feedback & Coaching

Create Employee Engagement through effective coaching and support. Difficult conversations are a thing of the past!

Leadership Style

Learn the most effective leadership styles and how and when to use them.

Customer Centred Leadership

A Leader's role is to get great customer outcomes. iV-Leadership shows how to truly lead with a customer focus.

A Full Range of Coaching Options for today's workplace ...

Online Leadership Training

Self Paced Learning

All of our education content is available online self paced modules. Our online courses are supported by virtual and face-to-face workshops. This method provides for more 'coaching time' and gives participants on-demand access to course content and practical learning exercises.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching Programs

The iV-Leadership program provides virtual and face-to-face training and coaching for leaders at all levels from the c-suite to the frontline. Our method simultaneously develops  individual and organisational leadership capability. We develop cohesive 'vertical leadership teams'.

Change Leadership

Enterprise Programs

All of our leadership development programs can be tailored and customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Whether it's and enterprise wide leadership development program or transforming to new ways of working speak to me about how we can help!

Leadership Coaching for any budget ...

Most of us need some form of accountability and support coaching which is why I have the full range of training and coaching options from $0 to $4,999 per person.

Leadership Bootcamp Programs

Are you a self-motivated learner wanting the resources required to lead your own leadership development journey?

My bootcamps are designed for you! I have 3 levels of boot camp to choose from depending on your level of drive and motivation. 

High Personal Accountability? Try the Free 16 Step Bootcamp Guide!
Need a regular nudge? - Sign up for the Email Bootcamp!
Want accountability & support? -Join the Live Bootcamp!

Enjoy the comfort of a regular accountability nudge to keep you on track. Plus, the option to join our Facebook Coaching Community to have your questions answered and share your challenges with a like minded group!

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Online Leadership Coaching Programs

Do you want an all inclusive Leadership Coaching Program, with access to online education and regular virtual personal coaching?

6 self-paced online learning modules
Weekly online group coaching sessions
Weekly one-to-one virtual personal coaching sessions.
eDISC Behaviour Profiling and Assessments.
Facebook Coaching Community

Limited Spots per intake! Follow the link to find out more about this incredible experience and to reserve you spot at the next available!

Want Leadership Coaching for your organisation?

I offer a range of tailored bootcamp and full coaching solutions for groups of 6 to 100+. 

Your choice of Online, Virtual, Personal and Group Coaching Options, eDISK profiling and assessments and other tools that can be configured to suit any organisation and any budget.

Design Your Program!


What some of our happy clients say about us

4.5 out of 5 stars

Chane D, team Leader

"...equips you with the skills and techniques necessary to lead your team more effectively, drive productivity, and foster a positive work environment conducive to growth and success."

Sharon O, marketing manager

"Very important for all junior and senior managers"

Liezl P, HR manager

"The program offers a range of engaging practical activities that you can complete or use as references to implement specific aspects into your business role and team dynamics."

Madison B, team leader

"The program gives you the basics to develop your own leadership style. In combination with the individual coaching, it will strengthen your leadership skills and develop your team."

Col C, sales manager

"Applied knowledge is very useful and Greg is a great coach because he applies the theory to real life scenarios."

Kieran F, sales manager

"Very insightful, descriptive, allows you to see things through a different lens, makes you evaluate your own leadership and how you can improve."

Develop your Leadership Intelligence ...

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding yourself and others, having situational awareness and  communicating to inspire and engage.

Employee Engagement

Learn the secret to Employee Engagement and creating an inclusive high-performance mindset.


The how of Leadership. Learn how to create a great and high performance culture.

Customer Intelligence

Truly understanding customer centric leadership and meeting your customers' needs.

Organisational Intelligence

Understanding your organisation, accountability, the attainment the organisation’s strategy and purpose.

Leadership Operating Rhythm

How to put it all together to create your own Leadership Operating Rhythm and Framework

Discover your leadership intelligence!

Take the Free Leadership Intelligence Assessment.

In under 10 minutes you can:

Learn Your Overall Leadership Intelligence Score?
Understand the attributes of the 5 forms of Leadership Intelligence.
Determine where to focus your Leadership Development.

Choice of  Assessment Tools:

Manager of Managers? Assess your team's capability
People Leaders, assess your own capability.

Use the Team Assessment if you are a manager of managers to assess the overall leadership capability of your team.

Use Individual Assessment if you manager people and you want an assessment of your personal leadership capability.

About your Bootcamp Leadership Coach

Hello! I'm Greg Bull

Like you I've experienced the frustration, stress, and long hours of having to learn how to lead a team of people by trial and error. Back then, I thought this is how you become a good leader! From the 'school of hard knocks' and by learning from my mistakes. I was wrong! There is a faster, better way!

For the past 13 years I've been helping frontline and middle managers, entrepreneurs and business owners just like you wanting to fast-track their leadership development.

You can do it too! Just like 000's that already have. Simply follow my 16 Step Leadership Coaching plan to change your leadership effectiveness.

Let me send you my 16 Step Bootcamp Guide and Checklist straight to your inbox!


"Overall, iV-Leadership is a unique opportunity to set your entry-level leaders up for success and drive business results."

With this program, you can be confident that your leaders will have the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their new role.

Based on my experience, entry-level leaders are typically promoted from within the organization. While they may have a strong understanding of their team's processes and dynamics, they often lack the necessary skills to lead and manage effectively.

That's where the iV - Leadership course comes in. This program provides entry-level leaders with the tools and techniques they need to succeed in their new role, including building high-performing teams and managing with integrity, transparency, and collaboration.

Through iV - Leadership, leaders will develop self-awareness and define the type of leader they aspire to be. They'll gain a deep understanding of their team's processes and how those fit into the broader department and organization. Most importantly, they'll learn how to operate with a customer-focused lens, ensuring that their team delivers exceptional results.

The final module of the program, brings all of the previous modules together and is designed to help leaders manage effectively through data, providing them with valuable insights to drive business efficiency and effectiveness.

Global Head of Operations - Tech Start Up

Organisations previously worked with:

What Previous Clients are saying...

Online Leadership Training

"The iV Leadership Program has been a game-changer for me. It offers a comprehensive curriculum covering everything from fundamental principles to advanced strategies. It allowed me to apply theory in real-world scenarios and refine my leadership skills. Overall, it's been an invaluable journey that I highly recommend to anyone looking to grow as a leader. Better leaders do create a better world."

Sharne G

General Manager

Leadership and Change Management

"I highly recommend the iV-Leadership Program to anyone aspiring to take their leadership skills to the next level. This program goes beyond the conventional leadership training by immersing participants in a dynamic and innovative learning environment. It's a unique blend of cutting-edge leadership theories, hands-on practical applications, and invaluable insights from industry experts."

Bianca B.

Executive Assistant

Free: The 16 Step Bootcamp Guide and Checklist Send Straight to your Inbox!

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